September 23rd, 2021

springsteenesque (from 15/6/21)

me skipping school in september and going to look at milan kunderas house and then going to a random bus stop 40 minutes from where i live and sitting there in the rain for 3 hours was very springsteenesque

everything about class trip if ur not in the main big social circle is extremely springsteenesque

like the sitting on the grass in like 3 people and sometimes playing random music and going to a random lake and staying there til its dark and then going Oh shit its dark and then staying there for 20 more minutes and someone randomly tells the group their life goals and then you go back and want to hold someones hand cause thats what you do if youre a teen walking in nature in the dark but you dont cause you really dont know any of these people that closely and then staying in front of your chatka and thinking Wow i cant wait to be out of high school this place sucks .  but then you feel bad cause u like some of the people even tho u dont know them but then ur like Wow i rly dont Know anyone here and i just spent so much time with them and u know its gonna rain tomorrow . thats springsteenesque