i went There again

my friend said she wants to buy me a record for christmas so we went to the STORE WITH THE MORRISSEY LOOKING GUY that i was in in january 2019 i wrote abt it here i think . and we were there jus vibing i was looking at stuff she was looking at classical music he was there at the computer and then (finally) we went to pay and i had a jesus and mary chain record and he was like "hmmmm good,,, good,,, thats almost christmas music cause jesus and mary :)" and i didnt hear him so i was like huh? and he repeated it and i was like "haha yea XD" and he was like "if u play it quiet its just christmas music XD" and i was like "yeaaaa really quiet lmaooooo" and then i paid and friend came there with a classical record and he was like "damn lmao classical?" and he looked at me and then at the record and at her and at the record again and again at both of us and i realized how funny we look buying tjamc and tchaikovsky at the same time and i was like XD and he was like XD and we got out and goddddd i cant believe he doesnt hate me

also when i was omw home i realized that i literally looked like a tjamc member im one ugly sweater away from being the shoegazer stereotype god morrissey record store owner im so sorry u have to put up with me


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