Listens: if i had a hammer - odetta

i think i will be at peace when bob d*es

cause rn im thinking about it lke every day and i now its about to happen soon but idk when and when it finally happens i will be a mess for like 12 days and then will finally feel better

i mean . i hope bob doesnt die ever but i just wish it wasnt like . Around the corner

(but also what happened with that guy on cesky rozhlas whos besties with kundera who in like november said hes in really bad condition and cant get out of bed and stuff ??? and kunderas still going)

.....there are two wolves inside of you one wants bob to live an exceptionally long life the other gets anxious because hes alive . you are me

and when j*** d*es maybe i will be able to get through at least the first minue of diamnds and rust without crying cause their story will be like . History u know ? it wont feel like real people anymore
joans gonna live forever tho i know that but bob ??

yes its the best song ever written yes i cant listen to it <3 its therapy and anti-therapy at the same time its so many things at the same time its such an intense experience but its literally just a song


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