Listens: john browns body - pete seeger

bishop peter trimble rowe & family cca 1897 (fwd from lucie's chat)

insane how this was an event that happened and not just an image or artwork or anything like there were real people with real vivid memories from this day u know ?? idk if im making sense but its so weird to think about

cause ive been looking at it for the past 10 minutes and to me it feels the same as a drawing u know ? like that eurovision vampire thing i saw earlier today and this are on the same level to me u know ? but in reality its an actual thing that actually happened like u could smell and touch this event like the water and the boat and the fabric of the clothes are all actual real concrete things that existed at that point in time??  u get me ??? and thats wild to think about

am i making at least a lil bit of sense . that talking heads liveshow but its start making sense


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