petr muk headcanon (what lucie didnt read)

petr muk headcanon
petr muk headcanon

sorry to actual petr muk ily very much but . Uknow

:( he would be way too powerful if he looked like this im listening to his johanka z arku songs (again) and im just imagining him spreading his hands while singing if he looked like that that would be so gender its a very specific thing but its extremely gender

dalas jim vic man . . . :( imagine him outside a musical theatre setting without lucie bila like in a dimly lit bar him in a suit with one hand in his pocket the other either holding a drink or snapping his fingers kinda moving his body around the mic but without moving his feet u know ? and he looks like that daguerreotype
like in a frank sinatra type setting

ugh i literally just be making up guys


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