just explained twin peaks to my german doucovani girl and i think i sweated a bucket this was so embarrassing

she was like did u watch any shows lately or do u just watch youtube :) and i didnt want to tell her but also i didnt want to look like i only watch youtube (and the other show i currently watch is called "mortimer and whitehouse gone fishing" so that wasnt an option) so i was like Uhhhh theres this show called twin peaks its from the 90s its a detective drama but theres also paranormal stuff . and she was like Hmmmm twin peaks i think ive heard that! and she smiled SUPER HARD and i was like HELP SHE DEF HAS SEEN TWIN PEAKS AND IS JUST SAYING THIS SO I WOULD TALK MORE and she asked what i liked abt it and i with my a0 german tried to explain how theres so many symbols and metaphors but theres also super thought out characters and it was SO FUCKING AWKWARD

like . i cant believe im explaining twin peaks to a woman who was my age when it was on tv


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