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my weird ass record store experience

um i already told two of my friends abt this but i feel like i need to put it here so its forever in this archive of shitty memories

i found a record store on the map and i have a bit of free time so i go there and theres this guy looking like morrissey with bloodshot eyes and a girl straight out of a 70s hippie magazine and a huge black dog sitting there and having coffee, the girl is reading a book, theyre talking, no one else is there. its super tiny, its like my room. some obscure light jazz is playing on a turntable. super nice atmosphere, im kind of scared tho because i wont buy anything. the two seem very nice. i browse through the english stuff, mostly records i dont recognize. i can feel their eyes on my back as i shuffle. everything is max 300, looks v old, like the records we have. i spot two elton john albums, one for 250 and one for 200. i see a depeche mode collector edition, probably is super rare, for 650. i want to buy it so bad. side a of the record they were playing ends, morrissey gets up and flips it while reassuring the girl the dog wont hurt her. i see a paul anka record, pretty sure we have that at home. no bowies. i want to grab something and try it in the store as the vinyl people always say you should do. am scared because ive never done it before. not doing it. i look around (but not much), they have an abbey road poster on the wall, really nice, maybe they are normie friendly. its really tiny, i wonder where the band would be. i look at morrissey, he's petting the dog with a nice little smile on his face. the girl is still reading the book. its probably my time to leave, i take a glance at the czechoslovak section, i see young karel gott. i mumble a little "nashledanou" towards morrissey. the girl left, shes making coffee. he says it back in a "awh, i wanted you to buy something" tone. man, i feel guilty. i walk out on the busy street and close the door behind me. i can finally breathe my usual heavy way. that was uncomfortable in a very beautiful way, as it was beautiful in a very uncomfortable way. i wish i had a store like this.

p.s.: i plan on returning there for the elton johns and/or the depeche mode just to make morrissey and the girl happy (so i'll probably update on that)


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