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i think arthur kreisky murdered someone, crushed their head, put his id into the corpses pockets and then lived a long fulfilling life as a mysterious art collector and socialite in new york, dying of old age in 1976 with a glass of wine in his hand

sean connery just died

i just always get taken aback by old celebrities dying cause theyre the ones ive known since forever u know ? like i dont remember a time where i didnt know who sean connery was . so theyre like . beyond time to me u know ? like they were just always there and always will except they WONT and everytime this happens im like . woah holy shit they wont

miss when life was fine

look at them . look at them
look at them . look at them

ive been looking at this exact screen for like 2 minutes and i just
i miss them

i miss when there was competition i miss when i had new debates to watch for i miss when i had new poll results to wake up to i miss when life was fine
i made a sport out of watching the primaries i truly did i stanned it like a tv show

i miss making fun of them

now everythings so tense and serious and theres nothing to watch but disaster

i miss when news of the week for me was iowa caucus i stayed up the whole night listening to bbc news waiting for those results and then they never came

miss when he dropped out so damn soon in the race

miss when he was us senator from colorado michael bennet

miss when he just wanted to shake bernies hand while he was arguing with warren

miss when he used high hopes in a campaign video

miss when she said "this is where youre supposed to cheer for me" and nobody did

miss when he had the trump cheats at golf mike bloomberg doesnt billboards

miss when she was like "i have a plan for that" and she didnt

miss when she held on for so long

i will miss him

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i miss when the internet consensus was that roger taylor was the hottest man ever

i was rly investing my time into livejournal

i was just discovering morrissey

i was listening to killer queen when going to tiger to buy gifts

u sent me a text about bing crosby playing in a store cause u knew i was into that 

i will cry in fact i am crying right now

He was like one of those cats which turn up at many households, all of which are under the impression that they have a unique role in providing food, shelter and company.

i miss him so fucking much
he doesnt even feel real at this point he feels like a book character he feels like a holden caulfield
u know cause of how ive been piecing together an overall image of him and his personality from these various sources and little snippets of writing and nothing is really coming straight from him he doesnt feel like a real person and if he was a historical figure it wouldnt feel as weird but hes literally younger than all of my grandparents like between the unreal perception i have of him and the actual attainability i should have of him theres this weird dissonance and it makes me feel SO WEIRD
i dont think ill ever be able to get over all this
like its way way overdue like i shouldnt be in this kind of personality relatability obsession phase 17 months after discovering him ???? like right now i should be chilling
i guess theres just so much in my life thats missing so i cling to this seemingly perfect semi real concept to fill all the gaps
fuck liminal spaces and the backrooms the real traumacore is nick drake


seems weird cause yea duh music is self aware always ?? BUT DIFFERENT like . the song is aware of the musician
u know cause we look at songs as bigger than the musicians and like their own entities
but then famous blue raincoat says "sincerely, l. cohen" at the end and it feels so weird
or maybe its only a thing if the song is that kind of song that u get completely lost in ? like famous blue raincoat ?
u have to listen to the whole thing and rly lose urself in it and then the last line completely wakes you up
its probably intentional i guess knowing him but  . damn

the holy trinity
the holy trinity

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so mt rushmore right? super ugly disgusting shit? WELL TIL THAT THE STATUE IS YOUNGER THAN BOB DYLAN ?:!(!:?:!(!":? BOB DYLAN WAS ALIVE AND THE STATUE WASNT FINISHED

Bobby will forever me my ultimate bias, I love his songs, his personality, his looks, he's so attractive and handsome and his voice bring me chills, I could listen to it all day! He's the kind of person who can hype everyone around him, it's just so nice to have Bobby around, he's so so precious!!! I love you Bobby!!!!

not to rymcore on main but god i completely forgot about the lewis l'amour album thing and hn,,,,,,,,, i missed him even tho he kinda looks like langmajer which is creeping me out but the album sounds like nick drake high society wine bedroom scene with synths

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boobs and titties in google ngram

BOOBS As seen by John Henry. Written in spontaneous up-to-date slang by GEORGE V. HOBART

Ben Hecht threatens to write a novel about two "boobs".

Get all the Boobs and then retire. Get the sodden, trodden Boobs; Get the crafty, grafty Boobs; Get all twenty million Boobs and then retire.

BOOBS! On the square, isn't Kansas City a city of boobs? Let it sink in. A city of boobs.

Evidently you do not know how things are done up here, for you are acting like a bunch of boobs (or some such word, for that highly descriptive word had not then become a part of our English language). (from Dental Outlook)

BLESSED BE THE BOOBS! It has always seemed to us that the boobery is divided into two classes.

I am not so blind and prejudiced as not to discover some hardships in the strict gathering of titties.

such a ring as would form a support to the nozzle which is then to be held in position by the small tits which are to be bent over.

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